SQL 2022 Licensing Changes

How are the licensing rules for SQL Server 2022 changing?

SQL Server 2022 is now Generally Available! Read more: Microsoft blog

SQL 2022 licensing changes, what does this mean for you?

  • Many technical enhancements (see Microsoft blog for details)
  • 10% price increase per January 1st, 2023. Only for on-premise licenses, not for Azure PAYG or other Azure SQL pricing mechanisms. This might have an effect on the Azure Hybrid Benefit calculations!
  • Same licensing model, except:
    • Software Assurance (SA) is mandatory for licensing individual virtual SQL Servers under the per-core licensing model! As long as you use older version licenses (2019 and before), you can still use licenses without SA. But the new 2022 licenses do not provide this use right anymore.
    • New consumption-based licensing model also available for on-premise SQL servers (requires the use of Azure Arc)

Our advice

  • Purchase your license before the end of 2022
  • Check how the restricted licensing terms impact you
  • Check if your Azure Hybrid Benefit calculations are still valid
  • Check if the new consumption-based licensing model is attractive to you
  • Contact a licensing expert if you have any doubts!

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