What is the difference between Oracle Application Specific Full Use license vs Oracle Full Use?

► The App Specific Full Use License is 60% off the list price on the Oracle website.

► The ISV/OEM partner is the first point of contact for App Specific FU end users; if the end user needs technical support, the ISV/OEM partner should get in touch with Oracle. Since Oracle anticipates the ISV to serve as the first line of support, Oracle charges the ISV 19% of the cost of technical support for App Spec FU.

►  Oracle ASFU licenses don't always adhere to the same licensing guidelines as normal Oracle licenses, which count named user plus users or processors. Oracle ASFU uses royalty license models on occasion. where Oracle receives a percentage of the price list from the ISV for each sale and the ISV can resell Oracle licenses.

Oracle positions the erroneous license model to its ISV/partners for different sales reward packages, as seen by Oracle ASFU vs. Oracle PAH. The primary distinction is that Oracle PAH licenses are intended for usage by numerous end users. For 1:1 organizations, there is an application-specific full usage license model. It's crucial to comprehend the variations in license types if you're an Oracle ISV in order to prevent expensive license fees in the event that Oracle audits your company.

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