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Use this guide to understand how to license Microsoft Dynamics 365 intelligent business applications. You have a variety of options to suit your situation. Whether you need one Dynamics 365 application or many, they can be easily and independently deployed so you can start with what you need and easily adopt additional capabilities as your business demands.

To improve the readability of this document, we’ve shortened product names throughout to exclude “Dynamics 365.” If you’re ever uncertain, see the complete list of full and shortened Dynamics 365 names in Appendix A.
The Contents page shows how this document is structured, with an overview followed by details organized by product. The licensing section for each Dynamics 365 product includes information about:

  • The specific application
  • Related or add-in applications and capacity that may be licensed with it
  • Use rights

Other resources you may need

This document is about Dynamics 365 licenses, but it is not a legally binding licensing rights document. It also does not supersede or replace any legal documentation covering use rights. To understand conditions on license acquisition, product-specific terms, and conditions governing how Microsoft products can be used in Microsoft volume licensing programs, review the complete Product Terms and Licensing Terms.

A complete list of product features and capabilities is available in technical documentation at Microsoft Dynamics 365 documentation | Microsoft Docs. You can also search for in-depth articles and find helpful information about licensing provisioning and licensing administration at Microsoft Docs.

For help determining the right technology solution for your organization, including the license requirements for a specific product or scenario, talk to your Microsoft account team or your Dynamics Certified Partner. Microsoft reserves the right to review or update this document at any time without notice.

This document does not apply to Microsoft Dynamics on-premises solutions; the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service; or the Microsoft Dynamics AX online service. Appendix H provides links to the applicable licensing guides for these other products, which include details on entitlements and use rights and the benefits derived from Dynamics 365 licenses.

What’s new in this licensing guide?
This licensing guide was updated to reflect licensing updates and new online service offerings as of November 2022. See Appendix I: Change Log for more details (page 63).



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